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The Composite Solutions Company

CPI Binani Manufactures some of the largest D-LFT parts in the world. Click here to see the equipment we use to make these amazing parts.

CPI Binani utilizes a direct molding process to make parts more cost effectively. Take a look at our Advantage System™.

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Manufacturers & Agents

CPI Binani exhibits information on capabilities and products

 JEC was an excellent place to showcase our products and share information regarding DLFT. Contact us for more information.

CPI Binani has joined MANA in an effort to enhance its independent representative relationships. We look forward to working with great representation.

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This large part is structural component to a recreational watercraft.

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Water Craft Structural Part

The composite Double Arched Roof Rafter is utilized in travel trailers and fifth wheel pull behind trailers. It is over 94” long.

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Double Arched Rafter™

We mold this part in one piece and then complete the assembly work to create a functioning double door and shroud assembly.

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Circular Fan Shroud

Our glass filled long fiber parts are perfect for the demands of pallets, bins, and a variety of packaging containers..

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Transport Packaging

We Can Mold That!

Highlights of parts produced at CPI Binani, Inc.


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CPI Binani, Inc. - 1700 Wilkie Drive, Winona, MN 55987 - Phone 507-452-2881 - Email sales@cpibinani.com

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